Almost Qualifying Is Not Qualifying At
All. Get Into Your
New Home With A
Co-Signed Mortgage. Sidwell Mortgage funds loans
for buyers who need a co-signer.

Do you have a good stable income and credit score, but fall marginally shy of being Approved for a loan to buy your own home?

This is a problem faced by many hard-working Americans looking to own a piece of the ‘American Dream.” Get the extra bit of help you need and move into your own home quickly with the Sidwell Mortgage ‘Co-Signed Mortgage’ solution.

A Co-Signed Mortgage is a loan where a co-borrower (who may or may not occupy the home) will co-sign to help raise the quality of the loan application to an acceptable credit risk.

Most co-signed applications involve “just-missed” scenarios. For instance, the maximum debt-to-income ratio on a particular loan product may be 43% and the borrower’s ratio is 47%. The additional income from a
co-borrower, along with other factors, will likely reduce the ratios and lead to Loan Approval.

So if you need a little help and you’ve got a hand up from a co-borrower, Sidwell Mortgage will work with you both. Odds are, we’ll get it done. Contact us today and let us walk you through the process. You’ll feel at home every step of the way.

Remember, owning your own home is the part of the American Dream, and you’ll receive the related benefits:
  • Building wealth through equity
  • Freedom to renovate or modify your home as you please
  • Install green energy components to save costs and improve the environment
  • Deductible interest from your mortgage payments
  • Enjoy the dignity and pride of home ownership
  • A private place for your children and pets to roam and play
  • Enjoy visitors as often and as long as you like
  • Your home is your castle where you’ll ultimately be in control of your family’s comfort, stability and security

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“We are the parents of a special needs child. A few years ago we were facing a major difficulty. There was only one school in our county that specifically catered to the needs of our child. For our son to attend that school we had to live in a designated zip code. At the time we were renting a house in that zip code and the landlord listed the home for sale. We could not afford to buy the home we were renting, nor any other homes listed in that zip code. The maximum amount for which we qualified was about $90,000 less than any home for sale. In an act of extraordinary love and compassion, my husband’s parents offered to co-sign for us so that we could purchase a home a couple of blocks over. Even with the co-signer our bank turned us down, but Sidwell Mortgage was there for us and my in-laws-they Approved the application and funded the loan. In the latter part of 2014 we were able to refinance the home into just our names and release our relatives from shared responsibility. Again, Sidwell funded the transaction. Needless to say we’ll be lifelong customers of Sidwell Mortgage. They came through when it mattered most.”
-Alecia M.